Saturday, January 27, 2007

My End Run Around the Government

I spend about 90% of my volunteer time working on civic issues, i.e., campaign finance reform, election integrity (those pesky electronic voting machines), and impeachment. As a citizen, I consider it imperative that I work for the changes that, in my opinion, will help restore our democracy.

The remaining 10% is devoted to what I describe as my “end run around the government,” meaning the it doesn’t have to change to make my efforts on this cause worthwhile.

Because Heifer International is so successful in its goal to alleviate world hunger and poverty, I work with this organization. My grandchildren receive water buffalos and llamas for Christmas, donated, of course, to families in other countries. This morning I’m visiting the summer camp where the African Children’s Choir (photo) will be housed when they come to Sonoma County on April 27 to sing at a benefit for Heifer. I’m helping round up sleeping bags and pillows for the kids, plus will greet them as they return to the camp after their concert.

For anyone in this area who wants an uplifting experience, go to
African Children's Choir Singing on April 27 and purchase a ticket.

For those who live elsewhere, go to African Children's Choir tour schedule for a concert in your area.


Tom said...

You GO girl! Nice to see you blogging on a variety of subjects.

Not an easy task, and often not appreciated by everyone.

Keep up the good work.

Tom Courbat

Pat said...

Good stuff! I see Heifer getting more publicity these days, too. I wouldn't be surprised if a dedicated runner/kayaker friend of mine had something to do with that! You think?