Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Dynamic Duo Takes On Climate Change

I’ve never met Lester R. Brown, who is a famous award-winning environmental analyst and founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute.

I have met Tod Brilliant, who is not quite as famous as Lester but is probably the most interesting person who lives in Healdsburg, the small town in Northern California where I’ve lived for 40 years.

I describe Lester and Tod as a “dynamic duo” in their joint effort to halt greenhouse gas-induced climate change.

What brought them together was Plan B, Version 2.0 - Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. In fact, in August of last year Tod flew to the East Coast to meet with Lester. Out of that meeting came the plan for Tod to work with the Earth Policy Institute to seek individuals and organizations who will collectively donate 100,000 copies of “Plan B 2.0” to a highly targeted initial audience.

What I find particularly engaging about this project is that the Earth Policy Institute has made “Plan B, 2.0” available online as a free download. What I like about Plan B is that it not only addresses climate change; it also addresses population stabilization and world poverty.

I know Lester and Tod welcome your involvement in their effort.

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