Friday, February 23, 2007

Music Speaks Louder Than Words

Thirty years ago today, a wonderful song, Music Speaks Louder Than Words, sung by Candi Staton, was released. The message is that the whole world understands music, and when we sing, people understand.

Now how in the world do I know this? Because I loved Candi’s songs back in the 70’s, and I pulled out my old vinyl records several months ago and started to play them again.


billy said...

sometimes the love you feel inside, gets lost between your heart and your mind, and the words ar'nt realy saying the things you wanted them to, but then you hear in someones song, what you were trying to say all along, then somehow the magic of music the message comes through 'music speaks louder than words'............... these were the final words i spoke at my best friends funeral, no greater tribute i could find than these fantastic words from the legendary ms candi staton

Gail Jonas said...

Billy, I tried to find your e-mail address, but no luck.

Thanks for adding the lyrics and that they have meant so much to you.


billy said... e-mail address is billy clark.