Thursday, March 08, 2007

Balancing Act

My friend, Pat Denino,* who has blogged since October, 2005 at Wondering Wanderings, sends me a “photo of the day,” most often taken by her.

Yesterday morning, this photo arrived. The description “balancing act” came to mind immediately, and of course I moved from considering the precarious arrangement of the balanced rocks to the balancing act in my life, which often feels precarious.

For me, all I need to know is that achieving a balanced life is not a natural act for me; it’s something I need to pay close attention to. The trouble is that for the past few years, I have become pretty comfortable being unbalanced by my citizen activism. However, I have discovered that happiness is a by-product of living right, so sooner or later I move toward balance.

*Pat and her husband George offered to share their home with out-of-state recount observers and attorneys who went to Columbus to assist in challenging the 2004 Presidential election. I stayed with them in January of 2005, along with two other Californians, when we went to Ohio to work with the some of the citizens there who were reorganizing to continue the battle for election integrity in that beleaguered state. Pat and I have become fast friends. Pat, more than anyone else, encouraged me to start blogging.

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Edward Pickersgill said...

Pat directed some of us to your blog, Gail, and its a delight to find you. You're doing good work with this journal.