Sunday, April 29, 2007

My vegetable garden

It was planted yesterday. The primary designer and implementer is my friend, Dan Ashby (blue shirt), who is a co-founder of (EDA), the election integrity organization I’m involved with. This is the third year Dan has come to Healdsburg to help me with my garden.

Suggested action items:

1. Plant a garden if you have the space and available water. If you need help, a great source of information is Master Gardeners.

2. Check out the EDA website. There’s a lot of valuable information about voting issues, including the “Halt Holt” (H.R. 811) effort. I urge you to sign up for e-mail alerts. The 2008 election isn’t that far away!


Anonymous said...

Another connection between a good garden and a good election is that a good garden, fertilized organically and grown without pesticides, will produce fine produce that will make people healthier.

An election, buttressed by campaign contribution limits (or better yet, publicly financed)will produce government that will make people healthier as well.


Gail Jonas said...

Good analogy, Janie. According to Public Campaign, the national umbrella campaign finance reform organization, about 1% of the people in this country contribute over 95% of the campaign funds. How do we expect candidates to listen to us when they have to depend on the wealthy to get the funds to get elected and re-elected?