Tuesday, June 26, 2007

David S. Addington - "Cheney's Cheney"

I’m now reading the second in a four-part Washington Post series about Vice President Cheney, which I posted about here.

As I read this article, Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power, I’m noticing that David S. Addington’s name keeps popping up. He’s Cheney’s general counsel and has been described as “Cheney’s Cheney.” In fact, Addington’s name shows up twenty-two times in this article.

My in-depth introduction to David Addington occurred when I read the “The Hidden Power,” by Jane Mayer, published in the July 3, 2006 New Yorker, abstract available here and full article available here.

Mayer’s article is subtitled, “The legal mind behind the White House’s war on terror. " It’s worth reading in conjunction with Pushing the Envelope on Presidental Power and the rest of the series in the Washington Post.

The more we know about Cheney and Cheney’s Cheney, the more convinced we will become that we ought not just stand by while this regime has its way with our country.

(photo of Addington – nndb.com)

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