Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paris Hilton & Iraqi Prisoners/Are We Disappearing Our Children?

In the past few days, awareness of Paris Hilton’s on-again-off-again incarceration is unavoidable, given the mainstream media’s coverage of it.

I can’t help but compare our awareness of Paris’ plight with our awareness of others who are incarcerated or detained that we know nothing about.

Take a few minutes and read Juan Cole’s Paris Hilton & Iraqi Prisoners.

And how about the children of alleged terrorists? On June 7, hilzoy of Obsidian Wings posted Are We Disappearing Children?

I’m leaving for a couple of days to help care for my twin grandchildren, now four months old. As I hold one of them in my arms, I’m sure the thought “What if this child disappeared?” will cross my mind.

(photo: from today’s post at Informed Comment)

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