Friday, July 27, 2007

Are "corporate slaves" building the US embassy in Baghdad?

I found this story amazing, even though I shouldn't be surprised at anything that happens as long as President Bush remains in power. If the US officials responsible for the building of our embassy in Iraq don't know what's going on regarding the conditions of those who are doing the construction, they are as shut off from reality as the three moneys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Yesterday, McClatchy News reported Abuse of workers building U.S. embassy in Iraq is alleged: “Two former employees of First Kuwaiti Trading and Contracting, the company that's building the new $592 million U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, testified to a House of Representatives panel Thursday that they'd observed abuses of construction workers….

Rory Mayberry, who said he'd been a medic on the site for five days, said First Kuwaiti had asked him to escort 51 Filipino men from Kuwait to Baghdad but not to tell them where they were going. Their tickets showed that they were flying to Dubai, Mayberry said. They screamed protests when they discovered on the flight that they were headed to Baghdad, he said.” [bolding mine]

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