Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do Babies and Blogging mix?

I look back at my blogging and find it "uneven." Perhaps a contributing factor is that I have fallen in love with my youngest grandchildren, Sophia (left) and Rody (right), now five months old. I spend a couple of days with them each week, including a night or two, and sometimes come back home pretty worn out.

I don't think anyone who reads my blog questions my priorities. I don't, but thought it might help explain why some posts appear to be hastily written. For instance, a couple of days ago, I posted about Ted Sorenson's ideal speech for the winning Democratic Presidential candidate. I suggested leaving out Sorenson's rejection of holding our current leaders to account with investigations, indictments and impeachments, but neglected to suggest a sentence or two in support of such actions.

A request: Perhaps you can come up a sentence or two to insert in Sorenson's speech that will show a commitment on the part of the Democratic Presidential winner to expose and punish the scoundrels currently in office for the incredible harm they have done to all of us.

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