Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ad-induced fantasy

As I leafed through the August 23 New Yorker magazine, this ad really caught my eye:
Obviously the purpose of the ad is to sell Verizon’s wireless “Razr,” a stereo Bluetooth with over 30 hours of music, but I decided I’d rather have the Razr tattoo (on the model's left shoulder) if it comes with the biceps and abs this guy has.

Notice: Occasionally I post a “fluffy” item like this because:
1. I still have a law practice;
2. I help at least one day a week with my youngest grandchildren, below;
3. I’m training to do the run portion (26.2 miles) of the Vineman triathlon next August with my older son, Jeff, doing the 110 mile bike ride and his son, Dane, 16, doing the 2.4 mile swim.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gail,
You're way higher than Wonder Woman in being able to compete successfully based on your beautiful survival! Since I'm a feminist, I can say that. Hurrah for the feminists (M/F) before us who fought the good fight for 8/26 - women's right to vote.

Gail Jonas said...

Thanks Anonymous, I realize this post is a little off the wall, but one reason I'm blogging is so I can be myself.

I've sort of moved out of my body as I've become so politically active, and the ad in the New Yorker was a reminder to me to move back in, even if it's a 67 year old woman's body.

Anonymous said...

Yes, moving back into the home of your own body no one can enter w/out your permission - hopefully - is a safe, nurturing, necessary luxury in our busy, often depressing, exhausting, exhilarating political lives.

Anonymous said...


Don't apologize for wanting a great body or a tattoo (or both).

Go for it . . .

Gail Jonas said...

Regarding wanting a great body, they aren't as easily obtained as the most recent electronic gadget.

With today's post up, I'm turning off my computer and getting on my bike.

I think this ad reminded me that good bodies are worth working for.

I think I'll forego the tattoo, something I briefly considered 30 years ago.