Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"The most important story of the day" - an attack on Iran?

I've been posting about the possibility of an attack on Iran since January, and I confess that I’m now having trouble keeping up all the news on this issue. As predicted on August 29 by Barnett Rubin, The Post Labor Day Product Rollout : War with Iran has indeed started.

Last week Barnett Rubin was interviewed by Joshua Micah Marshall of TalkingPointsMemo.com about Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Rubin, a widely acknowledged expert on Afghanistan, stated that the U.S. can’t have stability there if it attacks Iran and explains why. The 8 minute video is well worth watching:
Then there’s Steve Clemons of The Washington Note, whose Salon.com September 19th article, Why Bush Won't Attack Iran, has been widely commented on in the blogosphere. Today Clemons, along with Pat Buchanan, an analyst, and Rachel Maddow of Air America, were interviewed by MSNBC’s Don Abrams: Clemons was more optimistic than either Buchanan or Maddow. Abrams concludes that the issue of whether or not there's going to be an attack on Iran is "The most important story of the day." You can watch the video here.

The article that is currently the most quoted is Seymour Hersh’s Shifting Targets: The Administration's Plan for Iran, coming out in the October 8th issue of the New Yorker. Hersh was interviewed today by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Listen, watch, or read the interview here.

Finally, here are Scott Horton’s observations, posted yesterday, Beating the Drums for the Next War.

(photo: Seymour Hersh, whose article “Shifting Targets” is in the center of the current “storm” about the likelihood of an attack on Iran: Salon.com's archive of photos)

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