Saturday, October 13, 2007

Neocons flock to Giuliani's foreign policy team

On September 23rd, I posted Giuliani - a worse president than Bush? I’m convinced that he would be, even though that is hard to imagine.

Giuliani’s foreign policy is the most frightening to me, especially when I see he’s appointing more neo-cons to his foreign policy team, as reported by Jim Lobe yesterday:

“Republican presidential candidate and current front-runner, Rudi [sic] Giuliani, has named seven more people, including four prominent neo-conservatives, to his already-neocon-dominated foreign policy team. The neo-conservatives include Ruth Wedgwood of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; 'terrorism analyst' and free-lance writer often published in the Weekly Standard and the National Review Online, Thomas Joscelyn; and two 'scholars' at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and protégés of Richard Perle – Michael Rubin and David Frum (with whom Perle wrote the ultra-hawkish An End to Evil in 2004). Combined with such incumbent team members as Norman Podhoretz, Martin Kramer, Daniel Pipes, and Robert Kasten, the team increasingly resembles the cheer-leading squad for the U.S. section of the international Bibi Netanyahu fan club. [re Netanyahu, see my October 11th post.]

“What is really remarkable about the new choices is their announcement during the same week that the latest edition of Newsweek featured a three-page rundown of Giuliani’s foreign-policy team, entitled ‘Would you Buy a Used Hawk From this Man?’ ‘Neocons can’t help but slink around Washington, D.C.,’ it began…. ‘The Iraq War has given the neoconservatives …something of a bad name, and several of the Republican candidates seem less than eager to hire them as advisers. But Rudi Giuliani apparently never got the memo.’”

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