Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Howard Dean: "The eventual Democratic nominee can't win the White House without ALL of California's 55 electoral votes."

Tomorrow is the deadline for the signature gathering campaign to put an initiative on the June ballot that would allow the voters in California to vote yes to splitting our 55 electoral votes in the November 2008 presidential election.

I’ll be waiting to see if the initiative qualifies. If it does, I think this will be the most important issue facing California voters and will have a profound impact on the upcoming presidential election. I’m not counting on the courts overturning it as unconstitutional.

The Dean quote is from the pro-initiative website, Electoral Reform California.

Anti-initiative websites: No More Dirty Tricks and Fair Election Reform.

(picture of blue/red Congressional districts in California – Fair Election Reform)


Anonymous said...

It's time to start asking the Repubs why they don't advocate the same electoral vote splitting in Texas and Florida.

Clearly this is a brazen partisan move by the Repubs and there is not enough about it in the mainstream press, not enough real analysis that is.


Chris Borland said...

Thanks, Gail, for doing the legwork on this terribly important typically underhanded "under-the-radar" neocon maneuver.

I didn't realize the deadline was tomorrow. They need 1 million signatures, or something, to make sure they'll have enough valid ones to qualify the initiative.

Any idea where the numbers are?

I sure hope we get some info on this online tomorrow (sound of biting fingernails ...)

Tom said...

This is most def a partisan move by the GOP - but what's also interesting is that Dean and the dems are trying the same thing in NC and other smaller states that would have the same affect - but they are doing it much more quietly in small states rather than going after the motherload and creating a PR disaster.