Thursday, November 08, 2007

Taking a blogging break to brush up on kayak rolling

This evening I’m heading to the pool to help a friend work on his kayak roll. I’ve been teaching rolling for about seven years and also supervise rolling practice as a volunteer with the Sequoia Paddlers.

Last night I watched a DVD of “Greenland Rolling with Dubside,” (photo), who performs miracles getting his kayak back up with or without a paddle. That’s a folding kayak trailing along behind him.

Almost 300 posts ago, I posted this photo of me kayaking down the E. Fork of the Russian River, my very first post. I’m not getting out there as often these days, but I still love it and really enjoy helping others learn to roll.

The minute and a half videoclip demonstrates learning the Greenland roll.

(photo of Dubside from his website -videoclip of Greenland rolling courtesy of Matt Johnson)

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