Sunday, November 11, 2007

Want to see Cheney impeached? Send a hand-written letter to Nancy Pelosi!

The following alert was in my e-mail this morning from Emily West.* I haven’t verified the information, but decided it’s a good idea no matter what:

Emily's message: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is reported to have replied to the question of impeachment that if she received 10,000 hand-written letters she would proceed with it. What are we waiting for? Letters should go to her San Francisco office.

Nancy Pelosi 450 Golden Gate Avenue, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 556-4862

My suggestion: Tell Pelosi you support H. Res. 799 and urge her to support swiftly moving it out of the House Judiciary Committee and on to full debate and consideration by the entire House.

* I checked for previous e-mails from Emily, and see that she supports progressive causes. (photo: Greenpeace)


rmwarnick said...

I looked up H.R. 799 on and it's the "Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 2007."
Kucinich's impeachment bill is H. RES. 799.

Gail Jonas said...

RM Warnick,
Thanks, rmwarnick.
I Googled H.R. 799 and saw the reference to the Appalachians but thought I saw a reference to H.R. 799 as the impeach Cheney resolution further on down the list.

You're a careful reader, and I appreciate the heads-up. I went back and made changes in my posts, hopefully catching each incorrect reference.

emily said...

Thank you Good People for all that you did and do!

The writer mis-quoted the number on the House Resoultion to impeach Richard Cheney. H Res 333 is Dennis Kucinich's impeachment resolution. See it here:

And please keep the heat on Nancy. It makes me smile to think how deluged they are with letters from good patriots like you and me.

Keep those cards and letters coming.

Impeach for Peace
Emily West

Will4Earth said...

Just in case it will do any good, I sent along a handwritten note asking Nancy to support the impeachment initiatives. However, I think that they should also be indicted for war crimes once they are impeached.

Anonymous said...

One more letter on the way from Raleigh, NC!

Gail Jonas said...

Thanks to all of you who are leaving comments to my posts about impeaching Cheney.

Many of you are letting me and others know you are following through.

A couple of people have made sure I refer to the current impeach Cheney resolutio, H. Res. 799, correctly.

All comments relevant to the issue of impeaching Cheney are welcome.

Chris Borland said...

Below are two ways to verify that "H. Res. 799" is the correct designation for the Cheney impeachment resolution now being considered by the House Judiciary Committee, not "H. Res. 333:"



In this letter written by Kucinich to Conyers on 11/9/07, he specifically refers to the resolution referred to the HJC as "H. Res. 799." (See: Kucinich Letter To Judiciary Chairman Conyers: The Vice President Is Repeating Deceptive Tactics In Run Up To War With Iran; here's a link to the letter:



1. go to:;

2. enter "H. Res. 799" or "H. Res. 333" (without the quotes) into the field titled "Search Bill Text;"

3. select "Bill Number" (immediately below the search field);

4. click the "Search" button.

Such a search confirms that "H. Res. 799" is the privileged resolution introduced by Kucinich on 11/6/07, and that "H. Res. 333" was the original impeachment resolution introduced by Kucinich on 4/24/07.