Saturday, December 01, 2007

"08 or Bust" - an online guide to foreign policy in the 2008 presidential elections

Want to know how your favorite (or most hated) presidential candidate’s position on foreign policy?

Announced by Scott Paul on November 30th at The Washington Note: "08 or Bust: Now Live": “Citizens for Global Solutions just launched an interactive web tool that TWN readers should find interesting. '08 Or Bust is a guide to foreign policy in the 2008 presidential elections. It allows users to compare candidates' direct quotes on some of the most important foreign policy issues with which the next president will have to grapple. Users can contribute quotes, both in text and embedded video format, to the site. Help filling in the blanks is much appreciated.”

Check it out. Along with Wonkosphere, which I posted about here, it will help me stay informed on how the various presidential candidates, if elected, will deal with the rest of the world.

(banner from Global Solutions)

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