Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bush and Ca (cabal) scandal sheet

Did you have trouble keeping track of all the Bush Administration officials who have been accused of corruption and/or resigned in the face of scandal?

You can start 2008 with an updated list, to which you can then add the fresh faces that appear before Bush leaves office.* Go to "TPM's Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials," posted yesterday by Paul Kiel.

Below are all the names. If you’re consumed with curiosity about the scandal associated with each of these persons, go to the post.

Indicted / Convicted/ Pled Guilty
Eric G. Andell, Claude Allen, Lester Crawford, Brian Doyle, Steven Griles, John T. Korsmo, Scooter Libby, David Safavian, Robert Stein, and Roger Stillwell.

Resigned Due to Investigation, Pending Investigation or Allegations of Impropriety
Philip Cooney, George Deutsch, Michael Elston, Kyle Dustin “Dusty” Foggo, Alberto Gonzales, Monica Goodling, Michelle Larson, John T. Korsmo, Howard "Cookie" Krongard, Julie MacDonald, Paul McNulty, Richard Perle, Susan Ralston, Janet Rehnquist, James Roche, Kyle Sampson, Joseph, Bradley Schlozman, Thomas Scully, David John Tanner, Sara Taylor, Ken Tomlinson, Carl Truscott, and Paul Wolfowitz.

Nomination Failed Due to Scandal
Linda Chavez, Timothy Flanigan, Bernard Kerik, and William Hans von Spakovsky.

Under Investigation But Still in Office
Stuart Bowen, Lurita Doan, and Alfonso Jackson

*My hope, of course, is that Bush and Cheney will be impeached, thereby limiting the 2008 additions to the list, but enough citizens do not appear to be upset about the lawlessness of the current regime.

(Bush with shredder – Salon.com)


Anonymous said...

"But Bush has kept us safe from another attack after 9-11! So, who cares about all this other stuff?"

Thanks, Gail. How do you keep track of all these people? Wow. What a list.

Alas, a comprehensive list of the crimes of the Bush cartel is much, much longer. 60 feet long, or longer, to be exact!

Here's a link to 281 examples of serious (i.e. impeachable) Bush scandals originated at firedoglake:

Here's a blog post about the printed version of the list, unveiled at the University of Alaska recently -- which is over 60 feet long (Helvetica 10 point)!

Gail Jonas said...

Thanks for the comment and links, Anonymous. I stuck with the updated list prepared by TPM because I in fact don't have time to keep up.

I'm sure there are many, many more crimes. I'd add Karl Rove's dirty deeds to the list, but he didn't fit into the categories used by TPM.