Monday, January 07, 2008

Rural living

This morning while I was working on today’s post, my daughter-in-law called and asked if I would come help with my 11 month-old grandchildren. I dropped everything and drove to the family ranch, which is off-grid in Northern California. They rely on solar and hydropower produced on the property.

At least my younger son and his wife didn’t have to worry about losing power, which happened to 2 million people in northern and central California this past weekend.

However, due to a fire in the area a couple of years ago, there are many dead trees that topple over in strong winds and rains.

Last Saturday night, my son drove to the ranch ahead of the rest of the family, and in the dark he encountered this:

I had it easy today, no gaping holes in the road, no trees blocking my way, and on my arrival, I took my youngest grandchildren for a great walk. Many of the trees had mossy skirts, and the creeks, full to the banks, bubbled and burbled.

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