Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wexler addresses the House: What you can do to support impeaching Cheney

Last night I watched Representative Robert Wexler (19th Dist., Florida) address the House about his efforts to get the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on impeaching Vice President Cheney. It was a great speech (5 minutes) available here.

Today Wexler is presenting the petition signed by 189,000 people to the House Judiciary Committee along with a letter to Rep. John Conyers. Wexler is gathering colleagues’ signatures on this letter urging Conyers to begin investigating what Wexler described in his speech as Cheney’s “incredible abuse of power.”

Last night, Wexler said that all together, there are over one million signatures on various petitions asking the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on H.Res. 799, the impeach Cheney resolution submitted by Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

It’s not too late to contact Congress. In fact, it won’t be too late tomorrow, the next day, or next week. Go to Chris Borland’s post. Scroll down to “Here's what you can do, specifically, to join the effort” and “Other ideas.”

(photo of Rep. Wexler: Wikimedia)

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Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Hi Gail,

Wexler's speech is powerful and expresses my frustration with Congress's unwillingness to impeach the Bush Administration.

Thanks for sharing!