Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where have I been?

I missed posting yesterday, even though I was home.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. This morning I took a hike at Lake Sonoma with my friend and fellow family law attorney, David Gonzalez. 2. This past week, I spent a lot of time working in my law office.
3. I spent Monday and yesterday caring for my eleven month old grandchildren, Sophia and Rody. 4. I’m getting new flooring for my kitchen, a gift from my sons, Jeff and Rody. Last Saturday I went to the natural flooring store, Naturlich, to pick out the lineoleum I wanted. While there I met an old attorney friend and her husband. We spent about 45 minutes talking in the parking lot, and I discovered that the husband, Dan Gurney, also blogs.

He’s "Mr. Kindergarten," and now I have the link on my desktop so I can frequently check on what he’s doing. If you need a spirit-lifter, check out his blog.

An altogether satisfying week even if I missed posting yesterday.

1 comment:

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Hi Gail,

Hey, thanks for posting this! I've now got my subscription to your blog.

I've been away at the California Kindergarten Conference and will post some of the interesting things I came across there.