Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Democratic Activist Takes Over

I’m out of steam. I hope you’ll go to my friend Chris Borland’s blog, The Democratic Activist and check "This could be it ! Conyers can be moved...."

Impeachment isn’t really off the table if we citizens stand up and demand it. Chris gives us some background and easy directions on how to take action.

If you still aren’t convinced that impeachment is imperative, I urge you to read Scott Horton’s February 3rd post, "The Case for Impeachment."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gail
Thank you for your incredible energy and blog.(Some of us may be running the Russian River Saturday so keep that in mind for a kayaking way to unwind)

I hope I'm not overly optimistic due to this beautiful weather but I feel that Obama may be our real leader to turn our country around from the dark despair and the criminal behavior of the Bush administration. The damage this administration has inflicted on our country is unbelievable.
I'm 62 years old and never in my life did I contemplate that there would be a time when my country would be talkng about legalizing torture as a legitimate practice nor unjustifiable preemptive war which we are now envolved in.
How did all this happen? I fear it was all too easy and pray the tide will turn and that good people will once again prevail.
David Herr

Anonymous said...

Geev 'em!

John in Cincinnati said...

Hi Gail,

By all means take a much deserved break. We can all only focus on so much at a time or our energy just slips away.