Saturday, February 09, 2008

Have you heard of Infragard?

This past Friday I heard the following news item on Democracy Now!:

The Progressive is reporting that more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The business leaders form a group known as Infragard that receives warnings of terrorist threats directly from the FBI before the public does. According to one whistleblower the FBI has given members of InfraGard permission to shoot to kill in the event of martial law.’

The article by Matthew Rothschild is the cover story for the March issue of The Progressive, "Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business."

Rothschild is editor of The Progressive and author of You Have No Rights: Stories of American in an Age of Repression.

Read the article. Then ask yourself if you think it’s a good idea for the FBI to be working with Infragard. According to Rothschild, the ACLU is alarmed.

(Infragard logo: Bad American)

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Bad American said...

Hi Gail:

Thanks for the link. I really think this is the story of the month and its good to see other blogs getting the news out. I'll check out more of your blog!