Friday, February 22, 2008

How long will we let the Republicans hold the fear card?

This morning, Glenn Greenwald, who blogs for, posted "GOP politics in a nutshell": “A new House Republican ad warns that we'll all be slaughtered, and soon, by bad dark people, unless we give the government all the new unchecked powers it's demanding.”
The ad:

On Feb. 7th , I included this FAQ in my post:

Question: Isn’t our safety from terrorist attacks threatened if the “Protect America Act” isn’t extended?

Answer: No. The FISA bill that the Protect America Act would replace is still in place. It allows for emergency (warrantless) electronic surveillance when the Attorney General determines that it’s necessary. Then, within 72 hours of the AG’s authorization, he/she must obtain a judicial order issued by the FISA court. That’s our protection, folks.

On February 14th, Greenwald posted "FISA 101."

“Every President until George Bush was able to defend the nation by engaging in surveillance under FISA. That even includes the Great and Powerful Warrior Ronald Reagan, who vanquished the incomparably nefarious Soviet Union while adhering to FISA. It was only George Bush who claimed that we would All Die unless FISA was modernized, and it was modernized -- repeatedly, to his satisfaction and at his direction.

“FISA and the Protect America Act both equally allow eavesdropping on the Terrorists Who Want to Kill Us. The material difference is that FISA requires warrants for eavesdropping on Americans (after the fact, if necessary) while the Protect America Act allows the President to eavesdrop on any Americans without having any oversight at all. The difference does not relate to the ability to eavesdrop on the Terrorists but on the nature and level of oversight from that eavsdropping. Moreover, the FISA Court is and always has been a rubber-stamping tribunal that does not ever block any surveillance on any suspected Terrorists.

“Thus, we're not all going to die under FISA. We're not ‘going dark.’ FISA is a modern law that was re-written at George Bush's direction and which he himself said allowed for full surveillance on all of the evil Terrorists and all of their complex, super-modern means of communications. None of this has anything to do with the Government's ability to listen in When Osama Calls. It is only about whether the nation's largest telecoms will have pending lawsuits, brought by their customers for breaking the law, dismissed by Congress. Is that really so hard to understand and explain?”


Chris Borland said...

The neoconservative movement is based on fear. It is the essential element that drives neocons. It's the lens through which they see the world.

Satan is known as the father of lies, and fear is his main tool.

To my mind, there can be no doubt as to who the neocons are following, whether or not they get it or want to believe it.

Using fear to break the cord of rational thinking that binds people to sensible things like democracy and the golden rule, tyrants like the neocons will shoot the fear arrow every chance they get.

For example, nearly 100,000 people die in America every year due to a single preventable cause, but we do nothing about it. We just accept it. We hardly mention it.

That's more than 30 tradegies equivalent to the events of 9-11 ... every year! But no one moves a muscle. All attention is irrationally focused instead on TWOT (The War On Terror).

What is the cause, you ask, of this unspeakable horror?

Medical errors!

Where's the great hue and cry to launch hasty, preemtpive wars on trumped up intelligence, spend the country into bankruptcy, and shred the constitution to keep America safe in the ongoing war on medical errors?

Whether or not one believes in the personaification of evil or not, it's clear that fear is the tool of evil and of evil doers ... always has been, always will be.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Thank, you Gail. And well said, Chris. Fear is the tool of the dark side.

I wonder how Obama's message of hope will fare against McCain's message of fear. I worry about that. The Frightwing of the Republican party knows well how to stir up fear and that fear is the enemy of rationality.

Chris, another killer of Americans at home is the automobile. It kills and maims more Americans in a couple of months than the War in Iraq has managed to do in 5 years.

I'd love to see an evil-doer ad about evil-doer-automobiles like the one you featured on this post!