Monday, February 04, 2008

My fax to Senator Feinstein urging her to change her mind about the FISA bill

It’s now or never, folks. Below is my letter that I just faxed to Sen. Feinstein: 202.228.3954 and 415.393.0710. Go to The Democratic Activist for great suggestions on what you can do.

Gail Jonas
State Bar #74601
P.O. Box 973
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 433-6845
fax: (707) 433-8314

By fax only

To: Senator Dianne Feinstein

Re: Extending the Protect America Act

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I realize that you have been adamant that the Protect America Act needs to be extended.

I have before me your letter dated December 14, 2007, in which you justified your support of the nomination of Judge Mukasey to lead the Department of Justice. Yet Attorney General Mukasey will not say that waterboarding, long recognized as torture, is torture.

I assume you are now concerned about having the top law enforcement official who is not willing to take a position on an issue as crucial as whether or not this country condones torture.

Before you vote to extend the Protect America Act, I urge to consider the irreparable harm you could do to our democracy if this act passes. A video, “Trust Us,” is circulating widely. In it, your colleague, Senator Russ Feingold, clearly lays out the risks of trusting the government regarding our private communications.

I have faith that most of our elected officials are open to new information. I hope you are one of those in whom I can have faith.


Gail Jonas

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