Saturday, April 12, 2008

Standing up against torture

This will be my last post for a few days.

This afternoon at 4 pm, I will be showing up at a busy street corner in my small town, Healdsburg, with my sign protesting our country’s use of torture.

Last Sunday I and others had a positive experience standing up against torture, as reported by Ann Carranza in her article "Small Community Protests Torture," which didn’t make it into our local newspaper.

This week, even the mainstream media has been covering the torture issue. This morning The Washington Post reported "Bush Approved Meetings on Interrogation Techniques": "President Bush said Friday that he was aware his top national security advisers had discussed the details of harsh interrogation tactics to be used on detainees.”

I hope others will join me this afternoon or make signs protesting torture and stand up in their communities.

I need a blogging break so I can help plant my garden this year.
(photos of last week’s anti-torture vigil, courtesy of Anna Carranza, and last year’s garden)


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