Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beyond Iran - Is West Africa Next?

Most of the people I associate with are riveted by whether or not the Bush Administration is planning to attack Iran, as I am.

However, there’s more going on out there in the name of “GWOT,” the so-called Global War on Terror. For instance, earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Defense announced the establishment of an African military command – AFRICOM – to spearhead an “oil and terrorism” policy.

The Center for International Policy has recently released a report, Nigeria and the United States: Convergent Interests. The Executive Summary describes what this country is doing as “a risky strategy to arm and train the militaries of oil-producing West African countries under the rationale of pursuing the Global War on Terror.” And, “These policies are deeply flawed because they will serve to undermine America’s energy security even as they breed growing resentment and violence against the U.S. economic and strategic interests.” If you don’t want to be surprised when West Africa becomes the next GWOT target, read the full report available at the link at the end of the Executive Summary.

For those who may not want to read the 23 page Center for International Policy report but want to learn more about the impact of our oil policy on Nigeria, I highly recommend The Curse of Black Gold, a National Geographic “Sight and Sound” show.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, Gail! You're so prolific and your posts actually have something to SAY (unlike yours truly). Thanks for the tip to the 'Cliff's Notes' and the reminder to order a subscription to National Geographic. I've just done so via their site.