Friday, February 02, 2007

In Remembrance of My Mother

My mother, Bernadine Gail Temple, always known as “Bernie,” was born on February 3, 1915, and died on March 5, 2002. When I was a child, my mother showed me more love than all of the other people in my life.

My mother’s mother died in the great flu epidemic in 1918. At three, my mother along with her slightly older brother, was left alone with her mother’s body for several days at the farm where they lived. I believe this incredibly traumatic incident colored my mother’s whole attitude toward life; she never felt safe.

My mother passed some of this fear that the world is a scary place on to me, yet she gave me at least two wonderful gifts that help overcome that fear: the love of nature and reading. Both sustain me these days when indeed the world does appear to be a scary place.
This morning twin grandchildren were born. Not only do they share this birthdate with my mother but also with my older son's daughter, who is eighteen today.

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Anonymous said...

Bernadine Gail Temple was the best supporter and giver of love I ever had, too. I am her oldest grandchild (at 43) and treasure the "gifts" she gave to me. Among them were reading and appreciating nature as Aunt Gail mentions, but also to nourish my inner artist. We spent a lot of time with her when I was young and she is to be deeply thanked for some of the best things I know in my life today. She taught and showed me about possibilities and my own self-esteem. I hope she knows how much I loved her. I think it's fantastic that she has grandchildren who share her birthday. I also proudly share her name: Gail Temple