Thursday, February 01, 2007

What Do Ordinary Iranians and Americans Think?

While Presidents Bush and Ahmadinejad play “chicken” on the highway of life and death, what are the citizens of these two countries saying about themselves and each other?

On January 24, 2007, came out with the results of a poll that should dispel any misconceptions that the Iranians don’t want direct US-Iran talks, want nuclear bombs, and love Osama bin Laden. The poll results also tell us something about how Americans feel about direct US-Iran talks.

Based on the introduction to the full report, available here as a link and well worth reading, the polls were conducted because “For nearly three decades, the United States and Iran have lived in a state of substantial tension. Following the overthrow of the Shah and the establishment of an Islamic state in 1979, the United States and Iran have experienced a series of crises and confrontations. Over the last few years these tensions have reached a new fever pitch, prompted by several factors….

“In the context of these tensions, it seemed particularly appropriate to try to bring the voice of the Iranian and American publics into the discourse. Often when government leaders are at loggerheads, giving publics on both sides a greater voice brings new perspectives, provides some insight into the motivations and perceptions on each side, and sometimes even reveals interesting opportunities for finding common ground. “

The results, which are available at this link, are pretty amazing:

1. Despite mutual antagonism, half of Iranians and most Americans want more talks, more exchanges.
2. Iranians want the capacity to enrich uranium but accept the limitations imposed by the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
3. Iranians, like Americans, overwhelmingly reject Osama bin Laden.

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IRANIAN said...

Hi.I'm an iranian.I live in know what?we don't like islamic republic.we hate it.we hate ahmadinejad,khameneii,khatami or other idiots.They do not (I repeat) they do not represent us.if they say we want to destroy america o israel,it's their opinion not us.we want peace.we love everybody.we don't want nuclear bomb.But we can't do anything,if we say somthing in public they will kill us.
The people that come to streets and say "down with usa",most of them are called "basiji".Do you know what "basiji" means?it means an animal that looks loke human.some of them are forced to come and some of them are brainwashed people that think "khameneii" is sent from heaven.
We like america..we respect americans..we love american singers,bands,wrestlers.I realy like metallica and the big red machine KANE!
We don't hate you.but I think you hate make movies like "300" ro "alexaner" and humliate us and our history.
I hope one day we kick the islamic republic out of iran.
Please tell your friends that there are alot of diffrences between IRAN and islamic republic.