Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Preview of a review - IT CAN HAPPEN HERE

On March 5, I posted IT CAN HAPPEN HERE -By Joe Conason - My first book review and I'd like your help, and about ten people responded that they would be interested in reading the book and contributing their comments to my review of the book.

My initial impression of the book:

1. In "Acknowledgments," Joe listed 92 people whose writing “informed the book” That’s impressive. I could spend a great deal of time finding out more about all of these people. I recognize about half the names and respect these writers, except for George Will (conservative Washington Post opinion writer).

2. Each chapter stands alone, i.e., you can select any chapter and read it without reading the other chapters at the same time. This is a real plus for those of us who don't have time to sit down and read a book from cover to cover.

3. The book appeals to people who haven’t spent a lot of time keeping up on the “authoritarian peril in the age of Bush,” as well as those of us who read everything we can about the risks to our democracy as long as Bush remains in office.

June, my first-cousin-twice-removed and almost 87 years old (see my February 9 post), sent me her comments. If you’ve read the book, I hope you will send me your comments to “inform the book review,” Gail@GailJonas.com. Because each chapter stands alone, you can send comments limited to one chapter. My plan is to have the review ready to post the first week of May.

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