Saturday, May 12, 2007

The nexus between nurture and nature

In early February, I posted a remembrance to my mother on the anniversary of her birthday. In my post, I gave my mom credit for exposing me to the solace, beauty, and excitement of nature. Her nurturing of my nascent interest in nature helps me these days as I attempt to stay informed and active in the political arena and not go bonkers.

When the May/June issue of the Sierra Club magazine showed up, the photo on the cover was captivating:

Inside the magazine, the article Brilliant Waters - The digital dreamscapes of Elizabeth Carmel, included more photos and how the photographer, Elizabeth Carmel, created them. Initially, I was skeptical of digital manipulation, but the article described her work in a digital darkroom as “enhancing colors and combining exposures to make images that match her memories.”

If you need a breather from the “heavy lifting” that goes along with being involved as a citizen, I highly recommend that you visit Elizabeth Carmel’s website and her blog.

I know my mother, if she were still alive, would savor Elizabeth Carmel’s work.

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Pat said...

Thank you for sharing this, Gail. Her work is breathtaking.