Monday, June 04, 2007

Are you still flying for fun?

I’m starting to think that the demarcation between people who are seriously concerned about global warming and those who aren’t is whether or not they are willing to give up flying for fun: not flying to be with family members or for business, just those trips to go snorkeling in Hawaii or to see the Louvre in Paris.

This is up now for me because I have two trips planned this summer involving flying, and I confess that one is to visit friends, and the other to attend a family reunion. I describe both of these trips as being “for fun.”

I’m not the only one struggling with whether or not I’m just a “wanna-be” or if I’m really willing to change my life style to minimize the amount of CO2 I contribute to the atmosphere.

Tod Brilliant, whom I have mentioned here, here, and here, posted Inconvenient Holidays: Why We Can't Fly Anymore on May 25, 2007. This post and the 12 comments it has generated are worth reading.

Tod is one my most interesting friends; he struggles with the same issues I do even though chronologically we are years and years apart. I urge you to check his “Inconvenient Holidays” post and weigh in with a comment if flying or not flying for fun is bothering you, too.

(photo- provided by Tod when he launched his website)

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Pat said...

Flying is bothering me, too. I have a trip planned this summer that is pure fun. I will go, but want to make this the last time I fly "for fun."

Pure fun? Yes, and no. My son has organized a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and was quite lucky to get the permit so quickly. It has become a goal for me, to recover from chemo and strengthen so I could take the trip. There will never be another opportunity, most likely.