Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is the New York Times leading us to (another) war?

The most important article I read yesterday was by Glenn Greenwald, commenting on the New York Times article, Michael Gordon trains his stenographer weapons on Iran. Late in the day, Greenwald updated his post to report that Gordon's article had been substantially edited, undoubtedly due to Greenwald’s comments.

In yesterday's post, Greenwald refers to a “Camp Victory Press Release,” which is described in a previous post, Our rotted press corps - a division of Camp Victory.

Bottom line: The New York Times is stating as fact what the military is telling it without checking or verifying the information. Greenwald describes Gordon’s article, U.S. Ties Iran to Deadly Iraq Attack, “…[T]he most war-fueling article yet with regard to Iran.”

We’ve been here before. This is what the New York Times did to build public support for attacking Iraq. If Glenn Greenwald and other bloggers continue to challenge the media’s unsubstantiated and unverified reporting of the military’s position that Iran is directly involved in “killing our soldiers” in Iraq, there’s a chance we won’t attack Iran.

Sidebar: Earlier today I posted What do skateboarding and blogging have in common?. I thought I ought to check out on blogging for the reasons I stated in my post, but my friend Janie Sheppard encouraged me to at least point to articles that I find worthwhile.

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