Monday, July 02, 2007

What do skateboarding and blogging have in common?

I love skateboarding and blogging.

Skateboarding: In my thirties, I bought a custom skateboard and blissfully skateboarded most every day for the next twenty years. However, in my fifties as I started to run marathons and participate in triathlons, I decided the price of falling on the concrete and possibly breaking some bones was too high, so I retired my skateboard.

Blogging: In January of this year, I started blogging daily, convinced that people check only if something new and worth reading is posted every day. One of my favorite bloggers, Juan Cole at
Informed Comment, confirmed this in his post yesterday, IC Global Affairs, and is launching a group blog to reduce the pressure of daily posting.

For me, the costs of daily blogging is outweighing the benefits. It’s affecting my health, and I haven’t even been swimming yet this summer.

Unlike skateboarding, I don’t have to give up blogging entirely. I plan to post occasionally and will send you an alert each time I post something if you e-mail me at

Thanks to all of you who have told me you have appreciated my efforts.


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