Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Update on the NIE report that al-Qaeda is stronger than ever

Yesterday I posted Why is al-Qaeda stronger now than it was in 2001?, linking to an hour-long interview by Michael Krasny of four Middle Eastern experts, focusing on the recently released NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) report on the continuing threat from al-Qaeda.

I’ve read most of today’s news articles on this subject and have concluded that the Krasny interview is still the best source of information and opinion on the NIE report.

President Bush keeps saying that we’re fighting them “over there” so we don’t have to fight them here. As one of the experts interviewed by Krasny pointed out, al-Qaeda wants to engage the US in bloody wars closer to its home, i.e., the Middle East. It has succeeded in its goal of drawing us in to Afghanistan and Iraq, at great cost both in US lives and resources. There’s also the possibility that before Bush leaves office, Iran will be attacked.

It feels obscene to ignore the carnage that is taking place in the Middle East, the death and destruction raining down on the residents of the countries we’ve invaded, the death and injuries to coalition soldiers, and the tremendous waste of our resources while boasting that our “homeland” is being kept safe. Is Bush being confronted about this mammoth, gigantic, monumental hypocrisy?

If you want to follow the news on the NIE report, the best one-stop place to go for what the mainstream media (MSM) is saying is Dan Froomkin’s blog, White House Watch, where he’s posted Bush's Osama problem: “Nearly six years after President Bush pledged to capture him "dead or alive," Osama bin Laden is not only still at large, but he and his al-Qaeda organization have apparently benefited greatly from Bush's decision to invade Iraq.

“That's not just me saying so. It's the inevitable conclusion from the declassified summary of a White House intelligence report released to great fanfare yesterday.”

Scroll on down Froomkin’s post to the numerous links to MSM articles.

Then go to Scott Horton’s Newflash from the ministry of fear, where you’ll find this comment: “And yesterday we have the latest assault on reason. The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Al Qaeda is declassified and released in part. The NIE itself is a significant document, and read with some care. It points to the magnitude of the conceptual and tactical failures of the administration’s ‘war on terror’: it has not effectively engaged Al Qaeda. Instead, just as Richard Clarke and other professionals warned at the outset, it has taken the wrong turn at every crossing and has actually served to fan the flames of the Al Qaeda movement. Consequently, approaching six years into the war, Al Qaeda is back and as strong as at the time of its 9/11 attack on America. "

Finally, check out Juan Cole’s post this morning, NIE: Iraq Fueling al-Qaeda Threat to US, which opens with, “Fred Kaplan at Slate points out that it does not take much reading between the lines to conclude that the new National Intelligence Estimate indicates that Bush`s Iraq War has generated a new and deadly threat against the US. In other words, the US had al-Qaeda on the run and would be safer now if it hadn`t invaded Iraq.”

(photo: IntelCenter, on Saturday, July 14, 2007, shows Osama bin Laden in a new videotape posted on a militant Web site by Al-Qaida's media production wing)


Nina said...

I watched Frances Townsend (the White House Homeland Security And Counterterrorism Advisor) brief reporters on the NIE report. I am completely appalled at the extent of fraud and nightmare that has been perpetrated, and continues to be perpetrated, on this country and this world by the false-flag attack on 9-11. A whole industry has been built up around this act of terror by our own government, and how many billions, trillions of dollars? And all the lives that have been lost or maimed! Until we stand up and demand not only the truth but a complete housecleaning, we will share the shame of a out-of-control, power-hungry government wreaking havoc on the world in the name of "freedom" and "democracy". Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and the rest would be revolted. Come on, Americans, let's get cracking!

John in Cincinnati said...

I think it is extremely important to keep "truth" in the public discussion and broadcast this info widely--since the MSM has dropped the ball. That means posts to blogs, listservs, LTEs, and so forth.

We trained and armed bin Laden (directly or indirectly) and now suffer the consequences.

We continue to violate respect for Islam with bases and our general presence.

We've already won the war on Iraq: removal of Hussein, verifying no WMDs, installing an elected gov't.

Now, it's time to stop being an occupying force and stop inciting al Qaeda (which is NOT to excuse or justify their activities).

Finally, we need to utilize other, more effective avenues for the real "war" against terrorism.

Gail Jonas said...

Ive received a couple of personal comments in addition to those posted on my blog.

What I know is that I don't know much! A thoughtful and well-read friend sent me a couple of articles that rebut the NIE report, i.e., al-Qaeda isn't the menace the NIE is making it out to be.

John of Cincinati posted about the importance of knowing the truth. I'm finding that difficult,almost impossible. Yet I need to keep digging, be willing to post what I think I know, then be open to new information as people respond.

Thanks to all of you who have taken time comment.

Troy said...

I've disagreed with this "war" since before the US went over. One does not fight a war against an emotion (in this case terror). I wonder how long we would be fighting if we declared a war against... anxiety. Or maybe... well it's not exactly an emotion but, maybe... a war on drugs?

Terrorism is a convenient front. The battle is fought in secret by secret societies. It's hard to pin down and easy to spin just about anyway anyone may want to. And the trouble is that each organization spinning it can choose to verify various channels of information leading to whatever outcome they wish.

I believe that the fight against terrorism has been fought endlessly by countless countries for thousands of years, secret society against secret society.

Moving in the nation's army and formulating a pretend front only uproots a deceitful, never ending condition and embroils our entire military industrial complex.

This isn't a war, it's a profit center.