Monday, August 20, 2007

Former Congressman Dan Hamburg rips into Mendocino County Board of Supervisors at August 14 impeachment hearing

On August 16, I posted County supervisors duck bobble and weave to avoid taking a stand on impeaching Cheney. Before the hearing, I interviewed former Congressman Dan Hamburg, which is available here.

I just received an audio clip of Dan’s presentation to the board, a thundering speech that was described to me by a Mendocino County resident as one of Dan’s best speeches. It starts a little before halfway through the clip. However, you might want to listen to the full clip because Allen and Els Cooperrider, active citizens in Mendocino County, also make important points to the board.

(photo of Dan Hamburg from the hearing)

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gabrielle/gabe/gaby depending on who's yelling my name said...

hi gail. denny o'brien, king collins and myself (gaby welford) are putting together a MEC newsletter #47. we've a good interview with dan hamburg and wonder whether you have other photos you could send us (king at greenmac dot com) we could use with the article (with appropriate attribution of course). we'd appreciate it, as we're working so hard on the magazine we don't have time to spend taking photos. all best and thanks for the blog, gaby