Monday, August 20, 2007

Ordinary people + YouTube = Making a difference

In July, I finally learned how to upload to YouTube and posted here and here about this phenomenal tool that allows people like me to be heard and seen.

This morning I received an e-mail alert from about the results of its recent video contest comparing Dick Nixon to Dick Cheney.

The winner is Jen Datka, a student, activist-musician, and first-time filmmaker. Her awarding winning video is "Nancy calls for impeachment." Here's more about Jen in her own words.

Tonight I’m taking my camcorder to the Healdsburg City Council to film its response to a request that Healdsburg ban the use of plastic bags by its large stores. I posted about the ubiquitous plastic bag here. My friend and politically ally, Tod Brilliant, is spearheading this action.

Tomorrow I plan to post about the plastic bag hearing, complete with imbedded YouTube video clip.

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