Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When will enough people say, "Enough is enough"?

My friend and guest blogger Janie Sheppard has been sending me articles on the anti-war pro-impeachment rally in Washington D.C. last Saturday, along with photos taken by her brother, Bill Sheppard.

Of course, the mainstream media mentioned the anti-war rally, reporting that a “few thousand” protestor showed up. You will get the flavor of its reporting in this two minute video.

The real story of the protest, however, is told in words and photos of those who participated.

Bill Sheppard took the following photo of Carlos Arredondo and the symbolic coffin for his son, Alex (who died in Iraq on August 25, 2004), shortly before Carlos was attacked by at least five counter protestors, as reported by the stepmother of Alex here.
The message I got from this is that those who oppose the ongoing war in Iraq and the likelihood of an attack on Iran need to show up at protests in large enough numbers not to be dismissed as a “few thousand.”

I’m wondering when sufficient numbers of Americans will say “Enough is enough” and start showing up. And when we show up, will we have the courage to create a protective cordon around those who are susceptible to being attacked?

(photo- courtesy of Bill Sheppard)

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