Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why Bush Won't Attack Iran

As a daily reader of The Washington Note, I’ve been waiting since September 11th for Steve Clemons’s article on “whether or not we will bomb Iran right now.” It came out yesterday at under the title Why Bush Won't Attack Iran, with the following introduction: “Despite saber-rattling, and the Washington buzz that a strike is coming, the president doesn't intend to bomb Iran. Cheney may have other ideas.”

Clemons set my mind at ease by stating “…[T]he president is not planning to bomb Iran,” but he qualifies this reassuring statement with, “But there are several not-unrelated scenarios under which it might happen, if the neocon wing of the party, led by Vice President Cheney, succeeds in reasserting itself, or if there is some kind of ‘accidental,’ perhaps contrived, confrontation.”

Clemons is considered a Washington insider, so what he writes is worth reading in its entirety.

(photo of Steve Clemons – Wikipedia)

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