Monday, October 29, 2007

Joan Brunwasser of helps uncover Giuliani

In the spring of 2006, when I was leafing through my Yes! Magazine, I found a review of the documentary, "Invisible Ballots" by Joan Brunwasser, whom I had never heard of before. I e-mailed her, and we’ve been in touch ever since because I, too, am very interested in election integrity. Since December of 2005, Joan has been the Voting Integrity Editor for

As Rudy Giuliani has scrambled to the top of the Republican presidential contenders, I have become very interested in this man. See my posts: September 23rd, Giuliani - A worse president than Bush? and October 13th, Neocons flock to Giuliani's foreign policy team.

Do the citizens of this country know who this man is? Will they learn in time to avoid his becoming our next president? Thank goodness, Joan Brunwasser is using her platform at, a popular online source of the news, to expose Giuliani.

On October 23rd, Joan posted her film review, Issues of Accountability and Brave New Films' "The Real Rudy: Radios", linking to this seven minute video by Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films.

Joan opens her article by telling us that she saw the drama/thriller/suspense movie, Michael Clayton, about a fixer for a powerful law firm. Joan writes, “The subtitle at the Michael Clayton website is 'The truth can be adjusted.' This sentiment rings true with New York's fire fighters, who feel that is exactly what Rudy Giuliani has done with 9/11. They are sickened by the spin machine that has skillfully transformed him into a larger-than-life, national hero….Rudy wants to be your president. He's the one who's constantly touting his role on September 11 as proof of his fitness for the job. Let's not take his word for it; let's evaluate his case for ourselves.”

Joan describes the back-story about Motorola, whose radios were defective and Giuliani’s inaction when he received a damning report well in advance of 9/11 about the malfunctioning radios.

Joan reports, “This literally became an issue of life or death on 9/11. 10-15 minutes before the collapse of either of the WTC buildings, police helicopters saw them listing and issued a vacate order, correctly predicting at least a partial collapse of both structures. This order was picked up by police radios, and as a result, not a single member of the NYPD died in the North Tower. The same could not be said for the 121 firefighters who perished there, the message fatally unheard.”

Watch the video. Read Joan’s review. She ends with this P.S. “Since 2001, we have witnessed both Rudy and W co-opt the events of 9/11. For another link between the two, read Ari Berman’s "Rudy Giuliani's Dirty Campaign Money," which appeared in the October issue of The Nation.

My recommendation: Washington Monthly’s "Rudy Awakening," in this November's issue.

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