Friday, November 02, 2007

"Boylan is almost certainly a partisan hack..."

I check Glenn Greenwald’s blog every morning, and this week it’s been fascinating because he’s taken on Colonel Steven Boylan, (photo) the military’s top spokesman in Iraq.

Here’s my thumbnail sketch of what’s going on: Boylan is busy, busy, busy monitoring liberal bloggers and frequently contacts them, as he did Greenwald. Boylan's e-mails are aggressively critical of the bloggers and what they write. Then he disavows that he sent such an e-mail to Greenwald, suggesting that a hacker used his military e-mail address to send it.. Given that this would be a huge security breach, you would think he would be eager to find the culprit. But no, he’s not. He stops e-mailing Greenwald and starts sending messages to Greenwald’s readers..

This is incredibly bizarre. I highly recommend that you read Greenwald's, starting on October 28th, followed by October 29th, October 30th, and October 31st.

The conclusion that “Boylan is almost certainly a partisan hack…” is from a commenter at John Cole's Balloon Juice, linked in Greenwald’s October 31st post, where he also links to Farhad Manjoo’s article, "The Case of the Angry Colonel," in which he discovers and assembles the facts about Boylan's e-mails.

(photo of Col. Boylan: His Vorpal

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Anonymous said...

"Don't know what to make of it?"

To me it is clear that what is going on is Rovian reality creation.

Some little pipsqueak hack pens e-mails on behalf of the Colonel who lacks the integrity that you would hope a Colonel, "an officer and a gentleman" would have. The pipsqueak doesn't have to be concerned with real reality, only attacking bloggers whose integrity he impugns and probably with some glee.

Pipsqueak may come to rue the day he or she agreed to take on this job, but for now probably has no inkling that his choice may come back to bite him or her.

Integrity has taken leave of absence and we can just hope that it will return.