Thursday, November 01, 2007

I didn't invite Norman Podhoretz to go trick or treating with me last night

Decked out in my 20 year-old clown costume, I and several others, including seven year old Casey (photo) went trick or treating* last night. I didn’t invite Norman Podhoretz.

Why in the world would I even consider inviting Podhoretz? Because yesterday in the Washington Post, I saw his name linked to Halloween in Susan Jacoby’s post, "Does Any Sane Person Take Halloween Personally?" Jacoby was actually focusing on Norman’s son, John Podhoretz, who is taking over his dad’s job at Commentary Magazine, “…[A] once-fascinating and intellectual publication that is now a bastion of Neanderthal thought.” Jacoby describes Norman as a “…[N]eoconservative warrior…whose ideas are so scary that he can go as himself to any costume party on October 31….”

Because Rudy Giuliani is the front running Republican presidential candidate, and Norman Podhoretz is his Senior Foreign Policy Aide, I agree that he’s scary. See Glenn Greenwald’s October 30th post about Podhoretz, "Hitlers, Hitlers, and more Hitlers."

So I didn’t let Norman Podhoretz come with me last night. I even left all thoughts of him at home, in my turned-off computer.

*Only the kids get candy; we adults come along for the fun.

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