Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Election Watch

Here are the sources I will be checking between now and November 4, 2008:

1. The New York Times Election Guide 2008: This is the one-stop place to go to learn everything you want to know about each of the 15 “officially announced” presidential candidates, the primary results, the candidates’ schedules, campaign contributions, and their positions on the issues.

2. Wonkosphere: Here you’ll be able to monitor the onservative, liberal, and independent blog “buzz” about each presidential candidate.

3. 1st Tuesday: On the first Tuesday of each month, I’ll be receiving an e-mail alert from Stephen Gale,, who will provide reliable polling information and insight into the presidential election, all 33 senatorial races and all 435 house races, with special emphasis on those Republican seats that are most vulnerable.

If you’d like to know more 1st Tuesday, go here. Sign up by e-mailing and ask to be put on his 1st Tuesday e-mail alert list.

(picture: Coalition Resources)

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Weedgardener said...

Don't forget the excellent Project Vote Smart: