Saturday, January 05, 2008

Election Watch 2008 Update

Yesterday I posted links to the three sources I plan to rely on to stay informed about the 2008 election.

Here are three more:

1. Congressional Quarterly Politics. This is a comprehensive site which includes an interactive election map that allows the viewer to check congressional districts as well as the larger races. It also has a “balance of power scorecard” for each race.

2. Yahoo! News Election 08 Political Dashboard, recommended by my blogging buddy, Chris Borland, who posts at The Democratic Activist. The interactive map takes the viewer to each state’s presidential primary, polling results for the presidential candidates, and voter breakdown by party.

3. Project Vote Smart, recommended by an old friend, “Weedburner,” who blogs at Weed Garden. The PVS site invites the reader to browse through more than who’s running and projections of who is likely to win. The Voter’s Self-Defense System project caught my attention. Check it out.

I’ll continue to check sources of election information and post about them. My goal is to spend a limited amount of time finding out what is going on and a lot of active time as the 2008 election approaches. Also, I haven’t yet given up on impeaching Cheney, who is increasingly vulnerable. See Washington Post blogger Dan Froomkin’s Will Justice Go After Cheney?


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