Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Senator Russ Feingold on warrantless wiretapping

The Protect America Act, which would give the telecoms immunity for illegally providing our private communications to the government and would allow continued warrantless wiretapping, will be voted by the Senate sometime within the next fifteen days. The House has voted to extend the vote for 15 days, and it appears that the Senate and Bush are in agreement with the extension.

Please watch this 30 second video clip:

If you found Feingold's comments as compelling as I did, go to The Democratic Activist to learn what you can do to stop the surveillance of our phone calls and e-mails without a warrant.


Catherine Morgan said...

Hi Gail. I read this in a recent NYT article about the stimulus plan...

"They also said that they had yet to reach agreement on extending the Bush administration’s terrorism surveillance program, which Republican leaders have set as a condition for allowing the stimulus bill to move ahead."

Have you hear this? Why is the stimulus bill being tied to this surveillance program? It seems troubling to me.

Gail Jonas said...

I had not heard about the quid pro quo re passing the Protect America Act with the stimulus package.

I think this kind of bargaining goes on all the time in Congress. I recall hearing about other bargaining efforts on unrelated issues.

I'll try to find out more about this.

Thanks for posting a comment.