Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thinking out loud about my year of blogging

One year ago today I started blogging in earnest. This is my 347th post.

I’m particularly grateful to Pat Denino, who’s been blogging at Wandering Wonderings for several years. Without her encouragement, I never would have started.
In November 2004, Pat (I didn't know her) responded to my request to provide housing in Columbus, Ohio for recount observers and attorneys who were willing to travel to Ohio to challenge Bush’s election. Now I visit Pat at least once a year and was welcome even during her cancer treatments. Pat's hair has now grown back.

I’m also grateful to Janie Sheppard, in the photo below with her partner Bill Radtkey and their best friends, Heidi and Gerry. On July 2nd, I posted What do skateboarding and blogging have in common? I decided I ought to give up blogging as I did skateboarding a few years ago. Janie encouraged me to continue. Without her support, I wouldn’t have made it this long.

Janie sends my posts to her political allies and has been my guest blogger at least four times, here, here, here and here. She spearheaded a local to impeach Cheney, culminating in a hearing before the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors last August 14th.

Additionally, Janie, Bill, Heidi and Jerry welcome me to their home on weekends. Each time I visit, Bill prepares hot cereal made with steel cut oats and serves it with yogurt, fruit, and nuts. At their home, I get to think out loud, which is why I’m so comfortable with them.

Thanks to all of you who have posted a comment, e-mailed me about something I posted, or simply told me that you appreciate my blog.

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