Sunday, March 09, 2008

Recommended reading: Scott Horton on the road to surfdom

Yesterday, Scott Horton, who blogs for Harper's, posted "Another milestone on the way to surfdom." It’s not an upbeat article. It describes three recent issues that are all being resolved unfavorably for we citizens: (1) The FISA Farce, (2) the NSL Scam, and (3) the Torture President.

Horton doesn’t think that a new president is going to make that much difference. I tend to agree.

Our Constitution is being eroded away. I used to think that people in this country should do what they love to do, i.e., make music, grow flowers, etc. I’ve come to believe that we all need to spend some time learning what’s going on and voicing our concerns to others, including our elected representatives. It’s time to wake up!

(drawing: Pablo Picasso. Sleeping Peasants. 1919. Tempera, water-color and pencil. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA)

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